Saint Martin

The Charming Village of Grand Case

The beach in Grand Case, pronounced ‘grand cause’, is  a mile-long stretch of white sand with quietly lapping, azure water and views of Anguilla and the Creole Rock in the distance.  The beach is one of the calmest on the island with a gentle slope, safe for kids.  The old concrete pier is popular with the locals for line fishing and for the kids as a great jumping off point.

Before tourism, the locals made thier living from fishing, salt extraction and growing produce, such as plantain, callaloo and corn. The village was the epitome of French Caribbean style.  With the arrival of tourism, the creole houses lining the narrow main road were transformed into restaurants, boutiques, art shops and small hotels, leaving the wonderful laid back atmosphere intact.

During the day, the main road is rather quiet, with a few boutiques selling stylish apparel and souvenirs.  As you walk down the main road, the air is filled with the aroma of fresh fish, ribs, lobster, chicken, corn, and gambas cooking in a number of outdoor BBQ restaurants .   Only a portion of the restaurants are open to serve lunch.

The sleepy, former fishing village explodes into life in the evening when all the restaurants are open.  Grand Case Village is known as the ‘gourmet capital of the Caribbean.   This title is well deserved.  You will find a wide variety of amazing food choices, ranging from local Caribbean to gourmet French cusine.  It is easy to find delicious food regardless of your budget.

For open-air fine dining, La Villa is an excellant choice for dinner.  For a taste of local cuisine, Lolo’s is a very affordable choice for lunch or dinner.  Lolos has a spot on the beach side of the street with a wonderful view of Anguilla and Creole Rock, as well as a spot directly across the street with a great view of all the street activities.

Every Tuesday night, from January through March,  the main street transforms into a carnival and craft fair.  During this time, only foot traffic is allowed.   The road is lined with stalls selling local drinks, food, art, handmade gifts and souvenirs.  Live music is played in the street.  Around 8 o’clock, the carnival starts with marching drum bands and beautiful ladies dancing in elaborate costumes.

The whole length of the main street is scattered with great cafes, restaurants and shops situated next to a beautiful beach.  No matter what time of day or night you visit, you’re sure to have a  great time.